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Wanted to create a space for Q&A's that you could reference back to if you were looking for an answer. 

How old are you?



Do you want more children?

I would love more children.


Interior photography advice?

Turn off the light and let the natural light pour in. Find the best time of day for the lighting to be as bright as you need it to be for your picture.

Watch your angels on your camera. Light your camera up with the wall to help guide you to keep it straight.

Add accessories and style the photo,  rooms always feel more empty in pictures.


Dream place to live? 

We would love to go back to England one day. 

Favorite flowers? 
Garden roses, lily of the valley, anemones, delphiniums, peonies, and dog wood


Best advice for someone trying to start a business?

Just start. The more time you spend on wondering the best way to start is the more time you waste NOT starting. You learn from mistakes and learn your way as you go.


Did you have an accent grown up and lose it, or never had one?

I did have one until about 1st grade and then I lost it. Such a shame.

Where are you from?

My entire family (grandparents, great grandparents, cousins aunts uncles, etc) are from/in England. My parents moved to America when I was 4. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and I am still a British Citizen. 


Interior Design advice on a new house?

Make a list of everything you want and how much it will cost. Prioritize that list and then make your selections on what you need and then what you wants.


Who did you use for an interior designer on your house?

I am a designer. I am not currently practicing because jewelry got to be something I had to focus on 99% of the time and then I had babies. I cant wait to start doing interior design again for clients in the future when my babies don’t need me as much.


Advice on getting started in the Interior Design field if you are going out on your own?

Once you establish getting all your accounts in order, you can start marketing yourself so people know more about you and your style. Start posting schemes on instagram if you don’t have projects to post, meet people and tell them what you are doing, word of mouth referrals are the best. Once you get a client, be confident in client meetings, they hired you for a reason.


Do you have a favorite ice cream?

Vanilla or sea salt caramel

Favorite perfume?

Always this Jo Malone


What did you study in study in school?

I majored in Interior Design at TCU in Fort Worth. I studied Interior design abroad at Oxford St Hughs in England and also Lorenzo de Medici in Florence.


Where are your rugs from?

Most of my rugs are from Alan Petlin in San Antonio


Dermatologist in San Antonio?

I go to Dr. Vivian Bucay


Thoughts on if white marble is worth it?

I think if you are asking this question white marble I would probably say it isn’t for you. While I am careful,  I don’t mind it getting stained or chipped I think this is what makes a house feel like a home, worn in vs. cold. White marble has been used in Europe for centuries, they put it on the floor even. If stains, etching and chips are going to bother you, it is not for you.


How do you get motivated to get dressed everyday?

  1. It is part of my job, I love wearing lounge wear and workout clothes but if I wore in a sports bra showing off earrings it wouldn’t make sense.
  2. It makes me feel good.
  3. It is a creative outlet, I love putting outfits together.
  4. Getting dressed and putting a pair of MY earrings on is so exciting and special. Every. Time. It is like seeing everything I’ve worked on truly come together.

Daily Routine? 

Everyday is a little different. Generally, we wake up when one of the girls wake up. I would love if we were able to wake up before them but that never happens. 
After they eat breakfast I go work out. I work out everyday and typically alternate days going jogging and doing the peloton. Sometimes if I have time (which is never) I will do an obe or sculpt society class. 
I go down the the office by 9 and start working. I have always worked from home so I am so lucky I get to pop in and see the girls during the day. 
The girls nap until about 3:30/4 so I try to end my work day around then. 
Dinner time is normally at 5:30/6 then we do bath and bed time for the girls at 6:30. Once everyone is asleep we either work again or watch shows together. 


Favorite Places to shop for your dresses and clothes?

I love finding new places and small boutiques but my online favorite shops are

Matches Fashion











How many siblings do you have?

3! Alex, Sebastian and Julianna. We are all 3 years apart.


Favorite Mascara?

Have used this YSL one for at least 10 years.


Is the Dyson airwrap worth it?

Yes, yes and YES. I have very fine hair and I love my airwrap. 


Make up most commonly used?

Moisturizer and SPF

I use this illuminator



Favorite Lipstick Number 44



Easy eyeshadow

In love with this line of make up brushes


Interior and exterior wall and trim paint colors?

Interior Walls - Sherwin Williams - Marshmallow

Interior Trim - Whimborne White - Farrow and Ball

Exterior - SW Custom Match

CCE OZ, 32, 64, 128

WI -, 26,-, 1

B1 -, 29, -, 1

N1 -, 9, -, -

R2 -, 6, -, -

Y3 -,38, -, 1



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